Music in Context

A new format - discussion concerts @BETRIEBSWERK

Music in Context
Music in Context

For its 25th anniversary in 2017, KlangForum Heidelberg has launched an innovative series of events in Heidelberg.

Conversations with contemporary witnesses of important landmarks in the history of music and culture are the context for live performances at the TANK TOWER. The Tower, a monument to the functional architecture of the past, is the domicile of KlangForum Heidelberg. As it can accommodate verbal exchange and musical performance on the same podium, it is ideal for encounters of the kind envisaged.

The first event in the Music in Context series took place on 23 March 2017 in conjunction with the German-American Institute (DAI) Heidelberg. At the TANK TOWER we were privileged to welcome Nuria Schönberg-Nono, the widow of avant-garde composer and philosopher Luigi Nono. At present, the daughter of Arnold Schönberg, one of the most significant composers in the history of modern music, is in charge of the Archivio Luigi Nono in Venice.
Works for voices, instruments and electronics by Luigi Nono and Arnold Schönberg were the touchstone for her conversation with Martina Seeber.

As a portrait of Luigi Nono, this discussion concert was also a precursor and an introduction to the SCHOLA HEIDELBERG‘s concert at the Schwetzingen Festival in May 2017 featuring Nono’s Das atmende Klarsein and other works.

In November 2017, KlangForum Heidelberg continued the series music in context with the event "music in context: Hans Zender". The concert dedicated to the composer Hans Zender took place on November the 16th 2017 at the BETRIEBSWERK Heidelberg. Several works performed by Juliane Dennert and ensemble aisthesis were accompanied by a conversation with Rainer Peters.

In order to pursue the project "music in context", KlangForum Heidelberg´s next event entitled "music in context: movie" will take place at BETRIEBSWERK Heidelberg on 15 March 2018. The ensemble aisthesis will perform works such as "Chanson Dada" written by René Leibowitz and excerpts from "Pierrot Lunaire" by Arnold Schönberg. Martina Seeber moderates the conversation with the invitees Salome Kammer (Stimme) and Edgar Reitz (movie director).